We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in serving the heros that have selflessly served us in the U.S. Armed Forces. No Homeless Veterans (NHV) is a non-profit corporation based in Ohio, tasked with the mission to eradicate the homeless veteran disaster in America. The men and women of our Armed Forces that have served meritoriously, deserve our country’s very best effort to care for them, when they return from the battlefield.

The government, news media and even the President has been consistently reporting that there are between 40,000 and 60,000 homeless veterans. However, numerous studies have shown that the number of homeless veterans is grossly under reported due to Military culture and training, which is a culture founded in service to society, and never being a burden on others.

NHV seeks to solve this problem by making above-standard housing options available to those veterans that are currently homeless and also prepare for the ones that have not yet crossed the line of admitting they need our help. NHV will do this by locating distressed single and multi-family housing, that can be renovated and restored to meet or exceed Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Housing Quality Standards (HQS). This will create value for NHV stakeholders by reducing risk and financial burden, while creating and affordability model that is sustainable.